Real Estate Trade Secrets

Once prospective buyers begin viewing your home, you will want to do all you can to enhance its value. Learn from my experience, and take advantage of these trade secrets.


When if comes to showing your home, looks count. Appeal to prospective buyers by presenting a home that is clean, fresh, and charming. Display fresh cut flowers on the table, a bowl of fruit on the counter, and healthy house plants throughout your home.


Be ruthless with household dust and dirt! Make sure all exposed wood areas like banisters or hardwood floors are dust-free and polished. Window panes and mirrors should be newly cleaned and streak-free. Don’t forget “hidden” areas like medicine cabinets, appliances, mouldings, closets, and window sills. Tidy bookcases and organize cupboards to give an orderly appearance.


Take a tour through your home and try to look at it with “new eyes”. Take note of items that are unsightly or distracting. If you have an overly bulky or unappealing chair, for example, now might be the time to store it away. Clear away any piles of paper or other things that give the appearance of clutter. Make sure your bookcases and shelves are not overstuffed. In closets, remove out-of-season clothing to give the appearance of space.


We put a “For Sale” sign outside your home to catch people’s eye – let’s make sure they like what they see! If you have paint, ensure it is in good condition, not cracked or peeling, and if you have siding, it should be freshly cleaned. If you have a deck or a porch, consider staining it to revive a deep colour. Any yard or green space should be weeded and trimmed, and make sure that flower beds are fresh and alive.


Pets are wonderful people. But not all buyers are pet lovers, and in fact, some are afraid of them. Be aware of this and keep pets out of the way. Also, make sure that leashes, litter boxes, food dishes, toys and other things related to your pets are put out of sight.

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