Selling a House, Condo or Loft in Toronto

Selling your home can be an exciting, challenging and complicated process.  Getting it right the first time is key and so it’s important to do your homework before you go down this path.

Today’s market place has been focused on educating the buyers.  There are many avenues that a buyer has to get plenty of information to understand the buying process.  There are plenty of books, TV shows and many different internet sites that will get them ready for this adventure.  (Statistics have shown that more than 90% of buyers start their search online.)

The same isn’t true for Sellers.  Sellers need a Realtor that has experience, knowledge and good listener.  Your realtor can make the difference of a stressful transition or a smooth one.  Finding the right agent is key to your success in selling your home.

Currently we are in a Sellers market, but that doesn’t mean that every house will sell for more than the list price or sell quickly.  Proper preparation, marketing, and a strong online presence are key in a successful sale.  Gone are the days of putting an ad in the paper and holding an open house to sell a house.

Todays boom in technology has changed marketing and its important to understand the value of the internet marketing.  There are a number of ways to attract buyers from near and far through online marketing and this is key to getting the best results.   With 90% of all searches being done are online I believe that 90% of all marketing should be dedicated to online marketing.