Does my Home need to be Staged?

Today's real estate market has changed over the 35 years I have been in business.  Gone are the days when you can just put a For Sale sign on the lawn without setting the stage.  Today’s buyers are wanting to wowed when they walk in the door or they will just look at the house as needing to much work.

In order to sell your home faster and to get the highest price there may be some staging that will need to take place. Getting rid of the clutter, a little painting, bringing in some furniture and artwork and a thorough cleaning will go a long way.

This task may need the advice and service from a professional stager. I believe in Staging so much that if you list with me the consultation fee will be on me.

A written consultation will tell you what needs to be done, what furniture to rent and what furniture to get rid of and what needs to be repaired and or painted. Once you have the written report you decide to can take on the job yourself or hire the professionals.

As your Realtor I can provide you with reliable Cleaners, painters and handy men.  I can also give you some Websites where you can order the furniture from yourself.

The following articles provide useful information and are a great place to start if you're considering Selling a home, condo or loft.